Looking Cute While Getting Fit

Bikini season is right around the corner and I know most of you are probably hitting the gym to get that sexy body back. Working out (running, walking, weight training) releases endorphins in your body and makes you feel confident and happy. I think that looking cute while working out is important to increase this confidence and happiness. Lately I have been obsessed with Yoglates! I am not joking! It is addicting. Yoglates is a mix of yoga and pilates in a hot room. The link to the studio I go to in Baton Rouge is listed below. Today I wanted to show ya'll (yes, I am from Texas) some basics from my favorite clothing brand for yoglates and running, Lululemon. The clothes are a bit pricey, but the benefits (looking cute and feeling great) are amazing. I highly suggest buying a Lululemon yoga mat! It  is my favorite Lululemon product.

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