22 Things I will do at 22

After reading that annoying article that seems to be on everyone's news feed, "23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You're 23", I realized that it was well worth the peer-pressured click.

Story of my life.

After graduating Cum Laude & Honors from the typical "okay" "party school" with a Bachelor of Science (yes people. I am a fashion scientist. No. I do not know anything more than the definition of an atom), I have decided not to follow the footsteps of the typical 20 something. No engagement. No Facebook snaps of my ring. No corporate high-paying job. No staying close to family. No weekending at the local bar with my college gal pals. No settling for less.

I am moving to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion stylist. After stalking looking at various linkedin profiles with the search term "fashion stylist", I realized that I have to get out of my comfort zone and move to a "city of dreams" where I can push myself and network. 

You may say I am a Faux Pas (noun) in the making. But I don't care. I was born to be a fashion stylist. What made me realize I want to be a stylist?  Obviously I love fashion and studying new trends. But there is more to my decision than just my passion for making people feel beautiful. Fashion internship after internship I was sitting at a desk all day and my legs turned into numb nubs and my eyes became glazed over like a doughnut from looking at Excel spreadsheets all day long. Lightbulb moment: Numb nubs and doughnut eyes were not for me. The best part of my day was always speaking with people and physically working with the clothing and accessories.

Second, I am constantly changing my mind. One day I am training for a half marathon. The next, I am sprawled out on the couch watching "I Used to Be Fat" while overloading on 7 gluten free cookies because they are supposed to be good for me. Guilty. When you become a stylist you are working with new people and new designers. Each day is a new experience and I know this freshness is more liking to my personality. I tend to get tired of tedious tasks and each day will bring a new challenge for me to face.

While I pursue my dreams of becoming a stylist I will also try to accomplish 22 things I will do at age 22. 

1. Fail and try again.... then fail some more.

2. Run 365 miles 

3. Get a speaking role in a movie

4. Collect artwork

5. Invest in the stock market

6. Become (not just resume worthy) fluent in Spanish

7. Travel to South America

8. Become less dependent on my parents for money

9. Be more present

10. Become friend's with people I would never have been friend's with before

11. Work with any of the Kardashian's stylist's

12. Take a huge risk

13. Work my butt off

14. Don't take myself so seriously

15. Watch every episode of Gossip Girl (Oops, I'm late.)

16. Write everything down

17. Work with some of the best stylists in LA

18. Hike every trail in LA

19. Get tickets to the Ellen Degeneres Show

20. Paddle Board

21. Grow my own organic veggies 

22. Go to a red carpet premiere & Coachella


  1. Wow. Not a single doubt in my mind you will accomplish everything on your list. Rock on.

  2. Take us on this pursuit! Good luck xo