end of summer snapshots

1.-sushi night, 2.-product development project, 3.-on the beach in Palma De Mallorca, 4.-the awesome Heidi Klum shirt, 5.-shooting in baton rouge, 6.-my accessories for the night (Sam Edelman and Louis Vuitton), 7.-froyo obsession, 8.-Lola Magnolia in my heel, 9.-a postcard I received from Portugal, 10.-making a mariposa fringe goodwill shirt

1. -my new wedge sneakers, 2.-my favorite Prada sunnies, 3.-playing around in Portugal with the catwang iphone app, 4.-rainbow in new orleans, 5.-riding the metro in Barcelona, 6.-my new shoe rack! LOVE!, 7.-playing around with photoshop, 8. -Lola Magnolia can fit anywhere!, 9.-love these Sam Edelmans, 10.-product development project for university

1.-diy ómbre shorts, 2.-metallic nail polish, 3.-textbooks for university, 4.-Lola Magnolia: our new teacup yorkie, 5.-sprinkles nails, 6.-shooting for yumi kim blog post, 7.-paint party nails 8.teaching Lola how to give besitos

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