Vegan Leather

What I'm Wearing:
Top- Zara (similar here)
Heels- Shoe Dazzle (similar here)
Necklace- BCBG
Purse- BCBG
Bracelet- Handmade Gift

I am in love with leather right now (vegan leather, that is)! These vegan leather shorts from Necessary Clothing are perfect for the fall transition. In the south it doesn't get cold until November so it's a shorts party until then. Sometimes we are even wearing shorts on Christmas because the weather is so bipolar! My BCBG purse is also made from 100% vegan leather. I just love oversized bags because I feel like I am a young Mary Poppins! Yesterday I was pulling cookies, umbrellas, notebooks, and God knows what out of my purse. Happy Humpday! 

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